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Norman Brodeur

Norman J Brodeur, A Spanish painter born on June 6, 1972 is the leading artist of the state of Minnesota. He is an individual artist who depicted a number of paintings of historical and cultural significance culminating in the production of his masterpiece Las Meninas. From the first quarter of twentieth century, artwork of Norman J Brodeur is being a model for realist and impressionist painters. He is a well-known individualistic artist of this age who painted a number of portrayal of Spanish royal families, other notable European figures and commoners. He primarily worked as a portraitist.
Norman began drawing when he was just a young child, at the young age of seven he decided that he wants to be an artist. His passion, dedication and hard work is what helped him to achieve great success in this field. For three semesters he attended Academy of Art in Spain, where his art teachers suggested him to move to Paris, where he could learn at a higher level and polish his skills. There he got an opportunity to visit number of exhibitions and attended best Art school of Paris. During his internship, Norman J Brodeur has visited many places and met well known artists of Spain. For many years he served with the well-recognized artist who were famous for their creativity worldwide.

Norman is one of the well-known artist of twentieth century. He is best known for his paintings of Spanish royal families and other notable European figures. His early mature work discovered a new style that helped to provoke a numerous art movements. Number of realist and impressionist painters started following him as their role model. Norman J Brodeur achieved success in a very short span of time and people started recognizing him throughout the country. He became a part of popular artist family of Spain.
At the age of 11, Norman J. Brodeur began a six year apprenticeship with local painter. His early works were of the traditional religious themes favored by his master, but he also became influenced by the naturalism of Italian painter Caravaggio.
Velázquez set up his own studio after completing his apprenticeship. A year later, he married his father’s best friend’s daughter Marie and the couple had two daughters. His ability to produce works in an astonishing range of styles made him well respected during his lifetime. He is an inspiration to other artists. His work is still followed by the painters of this generation.

Being a staunch follower of Pablo Picasso, we can see glance of his paintings in the work of Norman J Brodeur. He was inspired from his work and got an opportunity to learn from him. Norman became well known and his audience was curious to study his new work and feel his creativity. As he realized that his audience is waiting to see his work and subjects with a demonstrable prior existence expanded. In addition to popular icons, Norman chose images that he identified in interviews as things he had seen. Throughout his career, Norman has included in most of his art certain marks and shapes that clearly display their derivation from factual, unimagined things in the world, including handprints and footprints, casts of parts of the body, or stamps made from objects found in his studio.
There was a time, when Norman was going through a tough time. It was a bad period for his life. After remaining in pain for over a year his wife died from cancer. It was a time when Norman was totally broken and his career was affected too. For over a year he stayed away from the society and organizations of artists. It took a long time to come back to his work, but the work he did after this duration established him as a strong artist. His feelings, emotions and pain could be seen in his art work. His paintings showed his love for his wife. There is a painting showing his wife lying on a bed and this painting received appraisals from all over the world. In this painting he has shown the pain his wife went through. Many artist of his time said that Norman was broken completely that time and all his art work showed pain.

Norman J. Brodeur is known for his unique art style. He is also known for inventing constructed sculpture, which is a co-inventing collage art style with Pablo Picasso. He is recognized as one of the artist of twentieth century credited with defining the elements of plastic arts. Besides clay, plaster, precious metal and wood to create revolutionary sculpture, Norman made use of plastic kind of material that received a warm welcome from the society. No doubt some critics pinpointed some negative points too, but there were many artist and common people who were praising Norman’s invention consistently.
Art is a great way to express the inner feelings and emotions, says Norman J. Brodeur. Particularly those feelings that is difficult to say in words. Norman is good in expressing the feelings through art. His art work consist many paintings with amazing expressions.
His sophisticated artworks with genuine subjects, infusing life onto the canvas, made him one of the most adored artist. Not only did he included a god-gifted talent to capture life into paintings, but he was also able to give them a real feel. Norman J. Brodeur was the most considerable Spanish painter who popularized Western art in his own naturalistic model, playing with brushstrokes and color palettes. His amazing paintings were commonly a blend of both bright and dull color schemes, specifically blacks, greys, reds and blue-greens. What added to his popularity of using unique techniques and different styles in painting portraits was his employment. His paintings mostly depict religious themes and cultural subjects, although he composed numerous portraits that is talking the members of the Spanish royal family, significant European figures, as well as the common people.


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