Norman Brodeur

The leading artist of the state of Minnesota, Norman Brodeur born on June 6, 1972. The production of his masterpiece involves the number of  portraits of the Spanish royal family, other notable European figures, and commoners. Norman Brodeur is a leading artist whose artwork is a  model for the realist and impressionist painters. Norman Brodeur reminds us that every time period, civilization and society have a different way of expressing themselves. From the beginning of humankind to the contemporary era, the artists created a unique set of characteristics that influence the new unique artistic ideas that are surfacing and still will. Norman Brodeur came onto the scene in the 1950s. Most of his work led his followers towards an art movement or form known as concrete. He created varied styles of work that made many artist of this time to follow Norman. Even today, many of his work pieces that are sold at auction bring in extremely high price tags.Norman is popular for his different art style, he is best known for his Impasto oil painting and Impasto acrylic painting.

Impasto Oil Painting

Impasto oil painting is a technique in which undiluted paint is applied thickly onto the canvas or panel. This paint is applied often with the help of a palette knife. This technique helps to show the picture that it stands out from the surface. Most of the work of Norman J Brodeur falls under this technique. We can see the glance of Impasto oil technique in his art work. In this technique, the artist often mixes paint on the canvas to achieve the required colour. Norman states that, “ Oil paint is most suited to the impasto technique as due to the thickness of oils, and their slow drying time”. Besides oil, acrylic can be used in this Impasto style. According to Norman this style offers many advantages to artist’s. Raised surface of painting causes light to be reflected in new ways that the artist can control. Most of the expressionist used this style to convey feelings and emotion. Another advantage of the impasto oil painting can show three dimensional impressions.To show the minute features, wrinkle skin or folds in robes, artist make use of this style.
Norman J Brodeur received huge praise for the work he did in art and ridicule by many critics of art world as well. Best thing about him was that, he accepted his critics positively and kept working to create something awesome. The early work that he created had a sense of artwork and small expression of extra ordinary. With Impasto oil painting he created many pictures with impasto acrylic painting.

Impasto Acrylic Painting

This technique inspired a spontaneous approach to throwing on your paint. The buttery raised areas are wonderful and sensational. This technique has the capability to create the illusion of detail where there is nothing.
Impressionist painters use this style to show little things like a fold in the fabric or the branches of a tree. Everything is being shown with a single stroke.