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Be an artist of your own style – Norman Brodeur

Norman Brodeur, a spanish painter born on June 6, 1972 is the primary artist of the state of Minnesota. He is an individual artist who portrayed a number of paintings of historical and cultural relevance concluding in the production of his work of art Las Meninas. From the first quarter of twentieth century, the artwork of Norman Brodeur has been an inspiration for realist and impressionist painters. He is a currently well-known artist who has painted a number of portrayal of Spanish royal families, other notable European figures and commoners. He essentially worked as a portraitist.
Norman began sketching at the young age of seven and decided that he wants to be an artist. His interest, commitment and hard work is what helped him to accomplish excellent achievements in his respective field. For three semesters he attended Academy of Art in Spain, when his art teachers suggested him to move to Paris, where he could learn at a higher level and polish his skills. There, he got an opportunity to see a number of exhibitions and attended the best art school of Paris. During his internship, Norman J Brodeur visited many places and met well known artists of Spain. For many years now he is a well-recognized artist who are famous for his creativity worldwide.
Norman was one of the well-known artist of twentieth century. He identified a new design and style that aided to induce several art movements, as a number of realist and impressionist painters commenced following him as their role model. Norman Brodeur accomplished success in a very short period of time and individuals started acknowledging him all over the country, turning part of a group of well-known artists of Spain.
Norman Brodeur says that, to be a unique and creative artist you need to work on your own ideas and your own style. You are different from others and the most important thing about an artist is that he sees the world with her artistic eye and try to find things from surroundings that he can work on. Here, Norman Brodeur discuss some tips to all those individuals who are good at engraving the normal things beautifully. He hopes that his experience can help them to be successful at what they are doing and guide them to see the world and paint it in their own style.
“True artist is one whose work convince the spectator to feel
the story engraved on a canvas”

Albert Einstein once said that the true art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist. Some people are lucky enough to get the creativity in a gift, as we say that he got this talent from God in gift. They are simply born with the gift of artistic powers.

Learn basics of art on your own-
Norman Brodeur consider it the main and the first step towards your journey to be a unique and best artist. A true artist will always get time from his/her daily routine to learn basic skills. If you are trying to be an artist, learn basics on your own. If we leave God’s gifted artistic skills aside, everyone have an artist inside, you just need practice. Having an idol is good but if you want to create something different, you need to follow your own styles and ideas rather than others. Try to learn basic skills of art, as learning the things on your own will make you stronger with your skills and can help you discover new ways, styles and designs.

Know your strength and weakness
Best thing of learning things on your own is that you will get to know the things you are good and bad at . Before entering to any profession you must know about your strength and weakness, in art you need to know about them for the fact that it has so many styles that you must be sure at what style you are good at. Sometimes we fantasise about something we are not good at and ignore our specialty and strength. It is not necessary that we can be like the artist we are alluring and whose work we find best among all. You have to be sure about your strength and chose your style accordingly.
Analyze your work and do the research
If you are not impressed with your own work, then how can you expect others to like it? Norman Brodeur asks you to analyze the work done before finalizing the things. Before working on any subject, have a deep knowledge about that, and researches and deep study will definitely help you to get excellent results. Studying and going through the work already done is a best way to give your art work a perfect finishing.

Be always ready and observe the surroundings with the eye of an artist
Norman Brodeur says , “as we say that a writer have to be ready with his pen and paper every time, as he himself doesn’t know from where he can get an idea for his next story. Likewise an artist should also be ready as he can get a subject anywhere and anytime”. Keep that scene, view in your mind until you engrave that onto a canvass. Observe your surroundings deeply and reflect it in your paintings.
To be a unique artist is not a difficult thing says Norman Brodeur. What you need is to keep your eyes and mind open, learn everything and observe. Where you will get your next best art work, nobody knows. So, try to explore more and more places, things and experiences. Maybe you’ll get a subject in your neighborhood that can make you popular worldwide.